Wall Mount Faucets for Your Bathroom

Wall mount faucets add a touch of elegance and class to your bathrooms. They offer a unique style and look which may add to the flair and personality of you bathroom. A wall mount faucet is aesthetically and technically different from normal faucets. They are attached to the wall in which the sink is attached.


Most of the faucets are attached at the level of the sink. A wall mount faucet is attached little higher on the wall above the sink. This offers a different look from what people are regularly seeing. The style of the water flowing to the basin in different from what people used to see before. A wall mount faucet is also technically different from normal taps. The pipes carrying water to traditional bathroom taps come straight from the floor and go up into the faucet, but in a faucet mounted on the wall the pipes should be installed right behind the wall.


When choosing a wall mount faucet for your bathroom there are certain things to be considered. First is the position where the faucet is to be installed. Wall faucets work well with wall mounted sinks, vessel sinks, and under counter sinks. The height of the wall faucet from the sink should be fixed sensibly. Make sure the faucet is effortlessly accessible from the edge of the sink. The second thing is the number of faucets needed. Some people use double faucets for superior deliver of water.


More contemporary types of wall faucet look like spouts that are projecting out of the wall. They normally have a single small sized handle for control. Faucets mounted onto the wall gives a clean and uncluttered look to your bathroom and counter tops. Wall mount faucets allow you to install antique sinks without any holes predrilled into it. They will give you additional space under your sink. Dirt accumulation is highly reduced as the faucets are away from the water source.


Installing a wall mount faucet is not as hard as it might seem. You just need to run the pipes a little differently from that of the common taps. You are required to run an angled pipe which runs through the wall. These faucets are easier to install when they are done at the time of constructing the wall.


There are different varieties of wall mount faucets available in the market. Whatever be the design of your bathroom there is always a faucet to be brought in the market. Wall mount faucets are made out of different types of materials. Popular faucet materials are bronze, nickel, chrome, brass, and stainless steel. Other than these there are plain styles that are modest and inexpensive. Buying matching accessories for your faucet will further add to the beauty of your bathroom.


The best place to start looking for a wall mount faucet is the internet. The online vendors display their products with specifications and price from which you can choose the one suiting your needs. Visiting a local store will allow you to personally see and select a faucet which is best for your bathroom.




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