Vessel Sink Faucets For The Modern Bathroom

Vessel faucets are a great way to spice up an old bathroom. They are probably the most attractive accessory you can add to your bathroom. A vessel sink faucet gives you the option of adding to an elegantly designed vanity counter and a beautiful vessel sink to create a look that is entirely is absolutely alluring. If you’re looking to change things up in your bathroom and give things a new look then you certainly can’t go wrong with installing a vessel sink faucet. There are many designs to choose from and you’ll certainly not be short of options or some variety. The days of bathrooms with strictly white porcelain bowls and traditional boring looking faucets are long gone. Now you have vessel sink faucets in many elegant styles and designs made from a variety of materials to give your bathroom a classy look and atmosphere.


The vessel faucets might come on chrome, glass, ceramic material, stainless steel, or other metals like bronze copper, nickel, brass and even gold. Imagine the elegance a gold vessel faucet would add to your bathroom. But as you might be thinking, the prices of vessel sink faucets vary widely according to the style and materials they are made of so you might want to consider that before planning your interior design and budget. The styles you have available to choose from also determine the cost of a vessel sink faucet. You would want to choose from between antique styles to modern or contemporary styles.


A particular favorite vessel faucet style is the waterfall faucet, like its name might suggest it simulates a waterfall. It is usually paired with a stone vessel sink to highlight the waterfall effect and it usually works very well.


While installing your vessel faucets there are certain things you need to consider. Your vessel faucets should definitely be chosen to complement the look of your vessel sinks. A common complaint about vessel sink installation generally is that the water might sometimes splash too much out of the bowl. But that only happens when the wrong size of the bowl is chosen to match the wrong height of the faucet. The vessel sink faucet should never be too far away from the edge of the bowl where the water comes down with too much force and ends up splashing all over the countertop. You might also want to consider wall-mounted vessel sink faucets as they provide you with more flexibility with regard to the height you want them mounted. The size of the vessel sink should also be considered. For a small vessel sink, you’ll want to install a matching 4-inch center set faucet with a single hole while for larger vessel sink faucets with the wider capacity it would be alright to have an 8-inch center set faucet. There are vessel faucets with even up to 16-inch center set to choose from but you should check the capacity of the bowl. Make sure you also get a faucet with an efficient aerator assembly as this controls the amount of water dispensed.


Vessel sink faucets are usually easy to take care of but for really easy maintenance you cannot go wrong with chrome faucets as they are durable, really easy to clean, and since they’re relatively cheap, they’re also easy to replace.




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