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Eden Bath

Eden Bath - Product Care And Maintenance

Eden Bath manufactures and distributes some of the most unique decorative plumbing products on the market. The majority of our lavatory sinks are made out of natural materials, and therefore will require some maintenance to keep them looking new. We recommend that you follow these care instructions to ensure that your Eden Bath product continues to provide years of enjoyment as the centerpiece of your bathroom or kitchen.

Stone Sinks

Due to the porous nature of natural stone certain substances can stain your stone sink. Polished surfaces are much less porous while unpolished or honed surfaces are more porous, making them susceptible to staining and moisture absorption. We recommend that you wipe up spills of any liquid that contains chemicals or heavy color dies immediately and do not allow surface deposits of water bi-products such as calcium, salt, lime or detergents to build up on your stone sink. Eden Bath stone sinks should be cleaned regularly by using a soft cloth or a sponge with a solution of a non-abrasive light neutral detergent (pH 7) as well as warm water. Regular dish soap and warm water will also suffice. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse and dry the stone sink after cleaning.

To clean stains or set in watermarks we recommend that you use a professional stone cleaner solution which can be purchased from a local hardware store. DO NOT use any acidic tub and tile cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, ammonia, abrasive or soft paste cleaners, vinegar, alcohol, window cleaners or lemon juice. In addition DO NOT use abrasive cleaning pads such as steel wool, metal brushes or scouring powders. Using any harsh chemicals or abrasives will almost always damage the sink. Remember, the best way to avoid possible staining is to rinse away any harmful liquids or deposits on the sink, such as toothpase, wine or other types of alcohol.

To ensure your stone sink remains sealed we recommend that you use a stone sealer every 3-4 months, just like you would on a granite kitchen countertop. Stone sealer products can be purchased from your local big box store such as The Home Depot or Lowes, as well as most speciality tile stores and stone countertop providers.

Copper Sinks

Copper sinks are unique in a way that unlike other materials, copper naturally develops a unique patina that can neither be rushed, nor duplicated as it reacts to the environment around it. In general there are two types of copper finishes, uncoated / polished like a penny, and coated / pre-patinaed.

Cleaning the copper sink will be dependent on the type of finish it has. If you have a "shiny copper" sink, similar to what a new penny looks like, you can use a copper polish such as Wrights Copper Cream to keep it looking new. Do not use copper polish on sinks with a patina (sinks that are NOT shiny like a new penny) because the copper polish may take the patina off, leaving you with blotchy spots. For the majority of copper sinks, cleaning should only be done with soap and water. Do not use any abrasives or chemicals as these will change the finish on the sink.

If you have a copper sink with a darker finish, one that is coated, or pre-patinaed. We recommend that you DO NOT use any type of chemical to clean your copper sink. If you experience hard water we recommend wiping the sink down after each use with a gentle soft cloth to avoid spotting. If for some reason an acidic food or chemical comes in contact with your sink a bright shiny spot will remain. This shiny spot can be cleaned with soap and water and over time will likely darken if left untreated, but it will never go back to its original finish. It is important to remember that there is no warranty on the finish, only the structure of the sink, so care should be taken not to leave anything on the sink surface after its use such as acidic fluids, cleaning products, toothpaste, food etc.

If you wish for the sink to develop its own unique patina simply give it time to slowly age. However, if you would like to keep your copper sink looking like it did when you first installed it, we recommend waxing the sink every 2-3 months. A good coat of a high quality natural carnauba wax will create a protective coating between the copper and the "elements" like air and water to prevent it from changing color. Carnauba wax is a food grade wax which is often used to coat jelly beans and bubble gum, carnauba wax is the main ingredient in many car waxes so it can usually be found in the car detailing and waxing section of most larger department and automotive stores. Remember to re-wax the copper sink at regular intervals to keep the sink looking like new. If you wax your copper sink regularly you likely only need to rinse your sink with a soap and warm water solution to clean the sink.

Concrete Sinks

We have worked hard to deliver a CARE FREE product, and we would like to provide some tips to maintain the look and functionality of your Concrete sinks for years to come. Your sink’s surface has been treated with an industrial sealing product to provide full waterproofness.

A gentle soap with a medium pH, diluted in warm water will remove dirt and keep your finish like new. Alternatively, you could use a mixture of 1 ounce (30 grams) of white vinegar to every 1 gallon (3.8 Liters) of warm water. Most household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that could damage the look and protection of the finish. Ammonia-based glass and floor cleaners are examples of products that contain ingredients that have an adverse effect on the protection of the sink’s surface. Avoid using any sort of solvent, acids, cutting or abrasive materials for daily care. These products may attack the coating and reduce the waterproofness of your sink in time.

In the unfortunate event that your sink’s coating needs to be redone, don’t worry! It’s easier than you think to renew your sink. A bit of sandpaper, dump cloth and few drops of a sealing agent, and the job is done.

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